16 Jan, Saturday
8° C

LIVE: Katy Perry – Odyssey Arena, Belfast

kp2Coming into the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, I was expecting a great show – Katy Perry was in town and she did not disappoint. With all her props, dancers and the band behind her you knew the night was going to be a great one.

The stage setting was a Prism, with the tour aptly named the Prismatic Tour, and the crowd that were standing were sectioned off with a golden circle inside the prism, Section A which were the bit of the crowd who surrounded the prism and then Section B who were at the back standing and of course our sitting viewers inside the Odyssey Arena.

The night started with the charismatic Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop who dazzled the crowd with their beats, brilliant singing voices and a miniature light show. Well known for their song “I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)”, they successfully got the crowd warmed up and set the stage perfectly for Katy Perry to come on stage and start her tour.

As the lights went out we were treated with a show with dancers dressed as Tribal warriors appearing from all points on the stage – and even above it. In the centre of the stage was a Prism with raised up mirrored sides and when they came down again smoke was released and there stood Katy Perry who immediately broke in to the first song ‘Roar’.

The set list for the evening was leaked early and showed that the show was split up into different acts as if it was a play. The first act was ‘Prismatic’ which was almost futuristic with a light show and dance routines that were simply spectacular and went well with songs like ‘Wide Awake’, ‘Part of Me’ and  set-opener ‘Roar.’

The second act was ‘Egyptian’ where they had dancers dressed up as mummies for ‘Kissed a Girl’, a golden horse costume controlled by dancers for ‘Dark Horse’ and Katy Perry herself dressed up as Cleopatra. The third act was ‘Cat-oure’ which had everyone on stage dressed as cats and looking like a musical, extremely well choreographed during performances of ‘Hot N Cold’ and ‘International Vogue Smile’.

I could keep listing the song titles and different acts of the show but it is the beginning of the tour and I don’t want to give too much away; it was quite simply a spectacular show. I will say one thing though that with all the staging, balloons and confetti, they definitely give you a taste of what a magical world is really like and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. A true spectacle. Matt Halliday,


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