31 May, Sunday
20° C

LIVE: Young Kato – Limelight 2, Belfast


Northern Ireland’s music scene has very much embraced new, emerging bands from across the water and with venues such as Mandela Hall, Voodoo and Limelight opening their doors to these acts, it was only a matter of time six piece band Young Kato brought us their indie-pop magic.

As they ran through Limelight Two towards the stage the crowd settled down for a greatly anticipated gig. Opening with the track, ‘Revolution’ lead singer, Tommy Wright, with the support of guitarist, Joe Green, set a high standard for the rest of the evening with his incredible vocal range. The entire band was positioned downstage – with the exception of drummer, Sam Henderson – and because of this there was a definite sense of unity between them.

There was evidently a close friendship among all six members and their compatibility as a band only strengthened their slick performance style. They played off each other’s energy particularly during songs such as ‘Something Real’ and ‘Break Out’ with guitarist, Jack Edwards, and bassist, Joe Lever, both clearly relishing their time on stage. This was only added to by Tommy Wright’s burning passion throughout the evening as he bopped to the tune of Young Kato’s new single ‘Ignite’.

The band played a handful of new songs from their upcoming album, set to be released later in the year. This album sees the band maturing and developing their sound as brand new track ‘Yes’ evokes a more minimalist and heartfelt sound, using only lead vocals and guitar. This was a significant contrast to the much fuller, pulsating sound of Young Kato’s most popular track, ‘Drink, Dance, Play’ that brought a foot tapping and fist pumping finish to the show.

For a band still young and learning and with an average age of just eighteen, their performance was incredibly professional as they moved seamlessly from one song to the other. Afterwards I was provided with the opportunity to meet Young Kato and they were nothing but friendly. Young Kato seemed humbled by their first experience in Northern Ireland’s music scene and promised to return for another headline gig. All I can say is if you are a fan of indie or alternative music, you should grab this opportunity with both hands. Sarah Bell,


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