26 Nov, Thursday
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Malibu Shark Attack – Malibu Shark Attack

a4014911078_2As far as music goes these days, there has been none more honest and refreshing than Malibu Shark Attack’s self-titled debut album. The cross-atlantic duo of ex-Oppenheimer Rocky O’Reilly and America’s Atlanta-based Tribe One mix beautifully to create “indie core synth-pop” in opener ‘Better Off as Friends’, a solid single destined for constant radio play.

Throughout the record, the brutally open vocals of Tribe One binds tightly to the listener when speaking about his experiences and confessions in ‘Doing It Wrong’ and ‘Back to the Start’ – both delightful offerings.

‘Plans for the Weekend,’  ‘BDMTHRFCKR’ and ‘Malibu Shark Attack’ are simply stunning and would be a total injustice if this record doesn’t reach the height it deserves – and that’s at the top.  Never have I listened to a new record and so quickly feel in love – amazing. Mark Dunn,

Malibu Shark Attack play McHughs Basement on 23rd May.

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