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Oh Yeah Music Centre Fundraver

FundraverOh Yeah Centre are celebrating their seventh birthday with a special fundraiser.

“We are 7. If Oh Yeah were a dog, this would make it our first birthday. This is fitting considering that it’s our first traditional birthday party celebration. Of course, by ‘traditional’ we mean the kind of party where you stuff your face with cake, dance around with glo sticks, and make new friends.

It’s like a kids birthday bash, only with no actual children, grown-up drinks and marginally less boke. There will be party bags, UV lights, plus ridiculously good music from DJs Jonny Tiernan and Emma-Rose McGrady. And like all of the best parties, everyone is welcome.

Bring yourself, bring your friends, and just generally bring it.

Saturday May 24th, 2014
Doors: 9pm / Adm: £10
Bring Your Own, Responsibly

All proceeds go to Oh Yeah Music Centre, Registered Charity No. XT1684″

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