01 Jun, Monday
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The Jury Disagree – Black is the Beyond

a0073901855_10If ever a band made me wish I could play guitar, The Jury Disagree is it. This unplugged three piece suite is an album for audiophiles. Each track surpasses the standard three and a half minutes weaving a rock wizard’s spell.

Black is The Beyond sets the stage with complex harmonies and classically influenced and damn fine guitar work. Something in the Way is a slightly fresher take on this Zeppelin-esque retro-psychedelic sound. Though Darker is a Dark on Earth (Stargazer) switches is up a notch and lets the vocals front and center, though that’s not to say the killer prowess of the guitars aren’t present, because they certainly are.

You’re going to want to get comfy with your libation of choice, snap those headphones on, crank up the volume, push play, then repeat. Noelle Ellis,


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