16 Jan, Saturday
6° C

VerseChorusVerse – VerseChorusVerse

1604599_641105495953585_2057688075_nIn a world saturated in electric guitars and drums, it’s refreshing to discover yet another who has swapped electric for acoustic for the best part and elevated themselves, creating greater flexibility. VerseChorusVerse strike it rich with their self-titled debut offering and openers ‘Their Truth Could Be Their Lie’ and ‘No More Years’ could, and probably will, swipe you off your feet.

This crowd-funded album is sure to please it’s investors and ‘You Can’t Win Back Your Freedom If You’ve Never Been Free at All’  is another example of Wright’s turn in direction paying off, as the light is clearly shining from the end of the tunnel. Softly closing, ‘Close Your Eyes, Fall Asleep’ wraps up proceedings beautifully simply leaving you eager for more. A pleasant enticing debut. Mark Dunn,


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