24 Sep, Thursday
9° C

Aquatramp – Westworld

Westworld coverAquatramp’s “Westworld” could best be described as Heavy Metal, Southern Rock. When I say southern rock I don’t mean sissy beers
and pick-up trucks; this is hard drinking, hard living, whiskey pounding and bar fightin southern hard rock.

Heavy metal bass and drum intuit a retro sound akin to Deep Purple whereas the more modern Metallica sounding guitars provide
the perfect counterpoint. Vocally there’s more than a hint of Danzig in that growl that compliments the machine gun spray of guitar licks.

Cherokee Woman is a very American sounding song. The inspirations of southern rock and heavy metal can really be heard here. It’s biker bar bad-ass, head-banging brilliance. Man Made strays from this a bit with cooler, more down home guitar riffs. That’s not to say it doesn’t still kick ass; it does.

Gut Rot Blues, first off I love this track. It’s got a cool retro vibe with a fresh edge. Imagine if Elvis fronted a heavy metal band. This is a tight band with power sound and skilled musicianship. They’d be equally comfortable in a dingy dive bar as in a packed arena. The crowd would go mental either way. It’s an adrenaline-pumping modern day gun fight; bold, brash and ready to whoop ass. Noelle Ellis,

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