04 Jun, Thursday
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Empty Lungs – From Russia with a Lack of Love

PromoImageThere’s a linguistic distinction; at least to my American ear, something distinctly Northern Irish in the sounds of bands such as Empty Lungs. Mojo Fury has it, A Plastic Rose has it, and Empty Lungs has this same distinction. It’s infectious, and no matter how axe-grinding loud it is, still mellifluous. It’s somehow both raw and polished at the same time. This controlled chaos is the future sound of rock and roll.

The way all innovators will borrow from their predecessors, so too does this new generation. Influences of Green Day and Nirvana
can be felt here, as well as more modern muses from bands like Three Days Grace. From Russia with A Lack of Love has the grit of garage band grunge, but is surprisingly danceable—mosh pit meets dance floor.

Cabin Fever’s playful mastery invoke the cheeky, post-punk guitar riffs of Green Day along with the loud crescendo, power hitting madman drumming of Nirvana. With an Irish twist. Empty Lungs subscribes to the axiom, “Go big, or go home.” Well, boys, it ain’t time to go home… It’s big, and it’s loud, and just plain good. Noelle Ellis,

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