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INTERVIEW: Silverstein

10313623_10152469916226248_6568162017970290144_nFor a band who formed nearly 15 years ago, some would say it’s a long time coming from the alternative Canadian rockers to visit Irish shores.

Alongside We Came as Romans, Silverstein will finally travel to Belfast’s Mandela Hall on 17th June and with six records to their name, their setlist will be concise and straight to the point –  full of blinders and hard hitters, no doubt. We were fortunate enough to get a quick word on them ahead of their shows in Spain and Switzerland.

You’re travelling to perform in the United Kingdom alongside We Came as Romans, how are you feeling about finally being able to play here?

We’ve toured all over the United Kingdom before, but have never been to Ireland before. We were offered the opportunity to play there with We Came As Romans and immediately jumped at the chance.

What’s your favourite part about a live show? Coming on-stage, in the middle when you’re in the zone or the end as you finish your last song and everyone goes crazy?

Every moment is exhilarating. Being able to perform music, especially all over the globe, is an amazing experience. Our fans have always been super supportive and performing for them is the highlight of our day.

Has your song-writing process changed from album-to-album? How do you go about it?

I think we’ve become better musicians which have allowed us to write better songs and be smarter about our decisions. Each song is sort of approached differently, which keeps the process fresh for us.

You left Victory Records to join the guys at Hopeless Records. What was the attraction of Hopeless?

We had a long time friend over there who we always wanted to work with. Plus they are a great company with a positive attitude which offered a new perspective for the band.

How hard was it to replace Neil in the band? What were you looking for as a replacement and how has Paul fitted in?

Luckily it was easy to replace him because Paul Marc has always been on the sidelines. He’s filled in for us before, helped out on stage, and crossed the globe as a crew member. He was the only person we ever thought of as a replacement.

We know you have quite a bond with Bayside. Who would you say are your biggest influences both personally and musically?

We go way back with Bayside, and have shared a lot of memories with them. Some of our peers do influence us, and touring with them definitely brings out new ideas with us. As a band we are pretty diverse with musical influences. I think that also keeps things fresh since we each have our own way of approaching music.

What would your advice be to new bands trying to make their way?

Be respectful to everyone that you meet. You’ll never know who will rise to a position in the industry or perhaps become someone that you report to. Having a positive attitude and being friendly will go a long way in the music industry.

To date, what do you think is your greatest achievement?

There are almost too many achievements to count. When we started we never thought we’d make an album. So far, we’ve made 6. We never thought we would tour, let alone, around the world – and we’ve done that many times. We’re so lucky to be able to be a band for 14+ years and still have the momentum behind us. We work hard, but our fans reciprocate everything for us.

What are your plans for 2014 after the tour? Any plans for a new album?

A new album. We are wrapping our touring this summer and will be heading into the studio this fall. Stay tuned!

Silverstein play Mandela Hall, Belfast on 17th June 2014 alongside We Came as Romans. Tickets available now priced £17.50.

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