27 Sep, Sunday
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LIVE: Deaf Havana – Mandela Hall, Belfast

DH1It has been two years since Deaf Havana played a gig in Northern Ireland and they most certainly did not disappoint their fans.

Opening the show was Dublin band Jody Has A Hitlist.  Supporting a band like Deaf Havana is definitely a big deal for the lads and they definitely did well in keeping the crowd entertained.  The guys interacted with the crowd with ease and definitely set an eager tone for the onset of Deaf Havana.

Deaf Havana were definitely the stars of the night.  The entire gig was absolutely flawless with a chilled out vibe.  Their crowd interaction was humorous at times and gave the crowd the feeling that the guys genuinely wanted to be playing at Mandela Hall; they weren’t just playing because it was part of a tour.  They are one of those bands that genuinely sound better live than they do in a studio.  This is because every member shows real passion for each song and they give every aspect of the show their absolute all.

They played a range of their songs, both old and new.  The main ones that were a massive hit with the audience were ‘Smiles All Round’, ‘Leeches’ and ‘The Past Six Years’.  As soon as ‘Smiles All Round’ began to play mosh pits formed instantly whilst the other two songs had everyone singing their hearts out along with James Veck-Gilodi.  One song worthy of a mention was the encore in which they sang the classic ‘Let Me Entertain You’.  The crowd were astounded that they came and played it as it was very unexpected, but brilliant none the less.  It was a brilliant way to end the show and was great having an encore that was put together purely for a laugh.

Every song was received astonishingly well by the crowd.  You could guarantee that every time there was a slight pause or quietening down of the song the crowd would go mad with cheers.  There was also singing along and clapping to every single song.  Whilst the crowd was not overly big, they definitely made up for it with their dedication to the band.  It is undeniable that Deaf Havana has a very solid fan base here in Northern Ireland as it looked like every single person in the venue was enjoying themselves.  This is well deserved as the entire gig was flawless and could turn anyone into a Deaf Havana fan. Chantelle Frampton,


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