14 Aug, Friday
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LIVE: We Came as Romans & Silverstein – Mandela Hall, Belfast

MM3 SS2 SS3 WCAR1 WCAR4SS5WCAR2This show was a long awaited night for fans of the travelling bands as this was their first time finally coming to Ireland.

Let me tell you, they did not disappoint in the slightest. The wait was certainly worth it for the show that these bands put on this night. You couldn’t help but move in some way and be sucked in with the talent that is shown on stage, locally supported by Making Monsters who I extend my apologies to for missing their set.

However Silverstein, a post-hardcore band from Canada, hyped this crowd up with their soft clean vocals followed with screaming and breakdowns. They were such an engergetic bunch that the crowd responded by being just as enthusiastic. The venue was pretty full and not one person wasn’t moving to the sounds that this band were making. You can just see the passion these guys have for playing as they are giving this show their all whilst the crowd loudly sings all their songs back to them.

Shane Told, vocalist, connected with the crowd by singing to people and getting them involved. This band had people constantly jumping, headbanging, dancing, clapping and their fists in the air. I especially loved how the lighting matched the breakdowns of their songs whilst they all jumped in sync to it. Massachusetts was a favourite for the fans, starting off with intense screaming and heavy riffs- the crowd went crazy. My favourite part was how the bands faces looked when they headbanged in sync to the breakdowns. The crowd were shouting to the band- showing their appreciation.

Smashed to Pieces again was another crowd pleaser as it was one of their older songs from 10 years ago. I honestly can’t describe their enthusiasm in words, you really just had to be there. Also, have I mentioned the drum rolls of Paul Koehler sounded especially beautiful? And that there is a wonderful moustache amongst the band? The final song was Smile in your Sleep – you can only imagine how much the band gave to finish their set off. The crowd was so infatuated, singing their hearts out as the song came to an end.

The crowd was officially warmed up and are eagerly waiting for the main band of the night- We Came as Romans, a rock band from America. Their introduction gave people that extra excitement before they came on stage. As it was also their first time finally coming to Ireland, you can only imagine how crazy the crowd went when the songs began playing. I can say that from start to finish- everybody in the venue was moving, jumping, headbanging and hardcore dancing. It was a pretty amazing show that they put on and you could see how happy they were for them to get a crowd like this even though they haven’t played here before. For that, their passion and enthusiasm when they played was intense.

The soft singing vocals from Kyle Pavone to the screaming from Dave Stephens in every song that they sang, they constantly had the crowd involved with them singing their songs loud and clear back to them. And of course, what would a rock show be without a mosh pit? You could feel the heat radiating from the people in it. This was one sweaty show.

Never Let Me Go was a crowd favourite, the lovely soft singing had everyone off their feet jumping, singing along to it. This show was full of fun and excitement, you couldn’t help but smile and be happy throughout the set, even if you didn’t know any songs. People were dancing together – there were the usual topless guys. It was definitely a show that shouldn’t have been missed. I was rather impressed with the guitar tricks/spins that they could do whilst jumping at the same time. How? They also sang a cover of Glad You Came to which everyone put their hands in the air for and sang along.

Their show was full of constant dancing, singing, insane breakdowns, especially because the double kicks sounded so freaking good. You could tell they have been doing this for a while, they seemed real professional and knew exactly what they were doing from swapping places to play at different sides of the stage, jumping in sync to the songs, headbanging in sync to the breakdowns. Everything sounded pretty amazing, I really can’t fault anything. I would definitely recommend anybody to see both of these bands live as soon as you can. Words cannot describe how good they are, it’s something you have to experience for yourself. Actually, why weren’t you there? Stacey McGuigan,

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