13 Aug, Thursday
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Girl Band – De Bom Bom

artworks-000086079831-y3s8sz-t500x500The phrase, ‘the clue is in the title’ does not apply here. As you may have guessed it, Girl Band are quite the opposite of what you would expect. They are young, yes, but the 4 piece hail from Dublin and as you may have now guessed are male. The noise rock outfit are just about to release their new song De Bom Bom.

The song starts with a vicious sharp stab of the guitar mixed with the blunt strike of the drums. It then moves on to almost culminate in a metalesqe climax before it backs out. With rhythmic pulses throughout the song there is just about enough to see their dance influences. The vocals of lead man Kiely, are waining and anarchic. As with keeping with the characteristics of noise rock it does away with the normal songwriting conventions and just as you think it’s about to end it starts again. This is noise rock tipped with psychedelic tendencies but compared to their other tracks this is one that is harsher, fiercer and perhaps one that is likely to gain them recognition.

With an upcoming European Tour and tipped for big things for 2014, Girl Band may be one to watch, but I fear, not a band for everyone. Michael Chapman,

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