21 Oct, Wednesday
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Hit the B Button – Apartments

ApartmentsNamed after the small practice space apartment where the band was born, Belfast-based trio Hit the B Button’s debut E.P. “Apartments” can only be described as a creative explosion, with a medley of different sounds and influences peppered throughout the album. First track “Martial” has an opening melody best described as videogame-esque which leads into a lively verse and chorus, both of which are well complemented by upbeat drumming, an occasional piano refrain and singer Stuart Ledgerwood’s unique vocals.

Second song “Blue Potion” has a totally different sound and is clearly influenced by several musical inspirations. With some great harmonies, catchy riffs and chord progressions, this tune is exciting, showing the bands musical versatility.

“The Ganges” is again completely disparate. It begins with a fantastic mellifluous loop, fluidly transcending into a fast paced, rhythmic chorus, accompanied with psychedelic riffs and lots of chord progressions.
“Sorry about this Steven” has a much more rocky sound, with heavier riffs in the opening sequence, and has some great discordant sounds, percussion and rhythm. Bonus track “Oh Olga”, written after Cool FM presenter, Olga Kay, is an infectious acoustic track worth checking out.

Incorporating many experimental genres and styles seems to be the trademark of Hit the B Button! and this is reflected throughout. Citing The Beatles, Biffy Clyro and Stevie Wonder among their musical inspirations, there are also hints of many other inspirations, from classic 80’s rock to David Bowie. The resulting sound is best described as an enthusiastic musical fusion. Una Mackle,

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