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LIVE: Andy Jordan – Limelight 2, Belfast

1781232_290466937778423_7076269212203263497_oMade in Chelsea heart-throb, Andy Jordan, took to the stage in Limelight 2 on Saturday evening as a part of his twenty date tour around the U.K.

Previously he featured on reality TV series, ‘Made in Chelsea’ where he displayed his vocal talents, playing small gigs for his co-stars in some of London’s top bars or nightclubs. As a fan of the show I was expecting a very indie-acoustic performance by Mr Jordan, but to my surprise there were R&B undertones within his performance.

His vocal style in a sense is very soulful and this was particularly evident during songs such as ‘Seasons Goodbye.’ Andy had a great deal of energy and enthusiasm as he frequently danced across the stage towards his backing singer, Georgie Baugh, who provided a powerful, jazzy vocal throughout the evening.

Andy clearly formed a tight-knit friendship with his four band members, Georgie, Alex, Paddy and Jake. All of whom were kitted out in the latest ‘JAM Industries’ logo t-shirts as Andy, along with his brother Mark, created the brand.

Before setting off on tour Andy released his four track EP, ‘Geography‘ that includes the song, ‘On My Own’ which saw a heartfelt performance from Andy and caused a pin-dropping silence among the audience. This was soon discarded when Andy played his own version of Alex Clare’s Too Close and Avicii’s Wake Me Up as he encouraged the crowd to dance along with him.

Before this gig I did not have extremely high expectations but I must admit that I was blown away by both Andy’s vocal and instrumental talent. Equally, as a fan of acoustic music I feel that an artist cannot hide behind their guitar, therefore a musician’s personality can often make or break a gig. Andy was incredibly humble and upbeat and it only added to the lively atmosphere that consumed Limelight 2 that evening. I certainly purchased Andy’s brand new EP after the gig and I encourage anyone else to do the same. Sarah Bell,

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