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LIVE: Cuba 66, See|Hear|Speak, S.R.I. & Goodbye Nola

996106_863714180323929_3855460718954026154_nOn Friday past, the Pavillion was the venue for the SONI event, Four Band Friday. This was a chance for 4 local bands to showcase their sounds and talents to an impressive turn out of people. First up we had Goodbye Nola.

Goodbye Nola took to the stage and for a relatively new band, it certainly didn’t show. The Belfast rock 4 piece set the tone of the night with a loud, slick and impressive performance. They seemed to have a range of sounds from Ulster punk to American rock. In fact a symbol of their diversity was that they shared the vocals so the audience didn’t know what to expect from one song to the next. Most impressive was the drummer who worked up a sweat with fast paced beats. A mixed musical performance and enjoyable start to the night.

Second up we had Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (S.R.I). Having listened to most of the tracks of their debut EP, Tidewater Stream, I  was looking forward to seeing them in this, their second gig. Their EP makes for good listening and I would recommend to any fans of Northern Irish post punk. I personally enjoyed the track ‘workbuyconsumedie’. It’s mixture of punk and grunge sounds as well as the undoubtably NI sound as well as the quality vocals of Allen come together for a catchy and pleasurable listen. On the night their loud but not brash performance seemed to go down with the crowd. Their similarities with bands such as Queens of the Stone Age as well as their no nonsense and fresh sound is likely to win them many fans and followers. After the show I was lucky enough to catch up with Barry Allen, lead vocalist and guitarist from S.R.I, here is what he had to say – ‘All we really wanna do is create honest music, perform it for people and put that live energy onto a recording. Anything outside of that is bullsh*t’.

Next up was See|Hear|Speak. This band broke the form of the night with the introduction of a more soft rock and at times, pop sound. The clean image was matched by their clean and polished sound. Use of the keyboard features highly in their sound and many of the songs could be likened to OneRepublic or even Coldplay. Saying that it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the high tempo bill and therefore wasn’t met with the enthusiasm that it could have on another night.

To round up the evening, Cuba 66 took to the stage and we returned to hard rock n roll. Cuba 66 are 4 piece, Belfast based rock band. They appeared very relaxed on stage and at times it almost felt as if it was a jamming session for them. With many of their songs starting with a slow meander they ended each with thunderous noise and guitar riffs and in doing so they brought the night to a climax with heavy rock sound.

Another great night of varied sounds from young local talent, brought to us by SONI.

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