20 Jun, Thursday
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LIVE: Soulfly – Limelight, Belfast

soulfly_js_031213I must admit when I agreed to do this review I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I had to do my research on the band but once the bands took to the stage I was glad I had the opportunity to review what I can only describe as a ‘Musical Family Affair’.

Lody Kong came on stage and instantly drew a great response from the crowd. Formed by Max Cavalera’s two sons Igor and Zyon Cavalera you instantly expect hard hitting in your face music mixed with heart pounding drums, bass and heavy guitar riffs.

I was not disappointed as from they came on stage they performed exceptionally well controlling it, just how there dad has done for years in numerous bands. From songs like ‘Disconnected‘ and their title track ‘Monkeys Always Look‘ off their EP ‘No Rules‘, they made sure that the crowd were warmed up and set for Soulfly to come on and get everyone rocking.

Soulfly if no one has really heard of them are Max Cavalera’s band. Max Cavalera is formerly of Cavalera Conspiracy and Sepultura respectively. He has been around in music for quite some time and mixed with his heavy guitaring and hard hitting lyrics he has established himself a great fan base.

The fans were definitely out in force from the opening song ‘Prophecy‘ and instantly had me hooked until the end. The kind of groove metal vibe that Soulfly create is fantastic and they certainly know how to get a crowd going and jumping up and down.

Some of the highlights were during songs such as ‘Blood Fire War Hate‘ where everyone was jumping up and down, belting out the chorus towards the stage and ‘Refuse/Resist’ where it was a back and forth chorus where Max shouted ‘Refuse‘ and the whole Limelight responded with ‘Resist‘.

It was quite a joy to behold as everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves as was everyone on stage. However I have to say the main highlight to me was the drummer Zyon Cavalera who plays in both bands and is quite simply one of the best drummers I have seen in a long time, from start to finish he dictated the pace of the songs right up until the outro where Soulfly done an instrumental of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper.

Fantastic gig and if they come back and you are a fan of metal or just extremely in your face rock I suggest you grab a ticket and get to the show. Matt Halliday,

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