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LIVE: Terrorpockets – McHughs Basement, Belfast

TerrorPockets10Thursday the 26th of June saw the launch of the Terrorpockets debut single ‘Trying My Luck.’

And what better way to celebrate this than plugging in your guitars, turning the amps up full and blasting it out into a crowd of eager rock music lovers, which is exactly what the Terrorpockets, accompanied by three brilliant musical acts decided to do, with all money raised being donated to ‘100 Help The Homeless’.

The night was set in the small intimate rustic Mc Hughs Basement bar with a make shift stage that kept the acts level with the crowd, and with the setting being underground within the basement, one couldn’t help but feel that as you walked down stairs to enter the arena – away from the modernised stylish feel of the ground floor in Mc Hugh. That you were entering into a pit destined to explode with guitar riffs, vocal highs and drum fills and, as unnerving as that may sound too many people, for this writer it done nothing but excite and fill me with anticipation.

The night was kicked off by the acoustic sounds of Ryan Mills, his soft vocal performance and precise rhythmic guitar melodies only went to complimenting the surrounding area, as from his first chord a feeling of mellowed out good vibes and inviting intimate vibrations rung out around those there. His performance was worthy enough to be headlining his very own show but I couldn’t help but be thankful that such a great act was set up as the opener, as it allowed the bar to be set at a very high standard for the following acts and created the perfect opening for the rest of the night, a fitting opening act.

Next to grace the stage was an act by the name of Aidan Logan. He, accompanied by a band behind him wielding guitars, drums and even bongo drums, took to the spotlight and blew the crowd away with an excellent set filled with great songs, fun crowd interaction and a band that clearly knew how to rock a crowd and enjoy themselves while doing it. Their songs included great solid bass lines and some real psychedelic guitar solos and flicks that underlined the sound of pure brilliance and professionalism that radiated off the stage. Aidan Logan himself was a figure of constant confidence that delivered the catchy lyrics from original songs such as ‘Can’t Stay Mad at You’ that overall allowed from some real easy listening music that injected some more adrenaline into the atmosphere.

Soon following Aidan Logan came The Twenty, a band fronted by a charismatic, attitude filled front man that reminded myself, and I’m sure others there, of the likes of Ian Brown and Liam Gallagher. This ‘don’t give a f**k’ attitude that he expressed throughout allowed the band to really blitz the stage and fire out one hell of a rock n roll set. The entire set held the attention of all who were there with what I can only describe as energetic primal scream-esque rock n roll that went as far as taking a classic song by the legendary Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues, and chopping and changing it to make it their own – a personal highlight of the night.

Finally it came time for the always entertaining, ever energetic Terrorpockets to take to the stage and play the night out with some of their best tunes and favourite covers. Frontman Matt was, as always, filled with pure enthusiasm and energy that clearly the rest of the band can really feed off and play with on stage, pulling some moves worthy of the likes of Alex Turner.

Blasting out banging tunes, Matt lead the line as the band tore through brilliant covers that included ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’, Paolo Nutini’s ‘Candy’ and The Ramones ‘Blitzkrieg Bop (Hey Ho)’. The crowd delivered the usual high levels of enthusiasm that can only be expected at a Terrorpockets gig through mini mosh pits, singing along and all together creating and feeding off the good vibe such great rock and roll music can create.

To sum up, the night was truly a rock n roll extravaganza swarming with lip biting guitar solos, gut punching bass lines, dizzying vocal highs and head banging drum fills that were worthy enough to be blasting out on a stage across the road at Custom House Square, never mind in McHughs basement. For any of you music lovers reading this, remember the names of these acts and look out for one of their gigs as soon as you can, as a great night is surely guaranteed. Niall Donnelly, Gigging NI

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