25 Jun, Tuesday
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PHOTOS: Sisters of Mercy – Mandela Hall, Belfast

SOM1 SOM2 SOM3 SOM4 SOM5 SOM6 SOM7 SOM8 SOM9 SOM10 SOM11 SOM12 SOM13Legends Sisters of Mercy last night visited Belfast’s Mandela Hall as part of their latest tour.  Formed in the late 70’s, the remaining constant members are singer Andrew Eldritch and drum machine Doktor Avalanche but with current additions Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo,  on guitars and backing vocals, respectively completing the lineup. 

To date, they have shared the stage with a wide range of artists, for example the Ramones and Public Enemy and toured all over the globe. Our photographer Adrian Knight travelled to the Mandela Hall to capture this night on photo.

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