17 Jun, Monday
15° C

See/Hear/Speak – Take Over the Sun

avatars-000088272991-sog893-t500x500Take Over the Sun is an ambient, at times anthemic, and rather transcendent collection of song. The dual vocals complement and enhance each other; the sound a bit like Imagine Dragons. Conquer the World bursts onto the scene with positive power drums, guitar, and keys.

We Are the Light is the money song with its uplifting guitar riffs, twinkling keys, and heartbeat drums. Audiences will be singing the refrain back to you—mark my words. Stand by You is a more controlled, melodic offering of a ballad with an almost country tinge.

I Want You is foot-tapping percussion and keys. This again, borrows a few shades from the country-pop palate. The Strength is spiritual in a modern way. This track sounds of a blend of Gospel music and Broadway show ballad. It’s showy and spiritual, and quite beautiful.

In a business where angst often rules, Take Over the Sun is a refreshing collection of uplifting tracks delivered with melodic harmonies, and skilled musicianship. Noelle Ellis,

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