20 Jun, Thursday
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Ciaran Bartlett – Fool Me

avatars-000044220629-5gfwmv-t500x500Fool Me by singer-songwriter Ciaran Bartlett is a montage of romantic memory articulated in mournful acoustic guitar. Pared down to just artist, muse, and instrument these tracks are touching and raw. This delicate vocal offering reminds the listener of the fragility of the human heart.

Most of the tracks are perfectly suited to this quiet expression; however the title track, Fool Me sounds a bit like the B-side acoustic version of an edgier rock tune with its cool notes bubbling beneath the surface ready to boil. The rest of the album is a sort of sketch of relationships; from first meeting, as in the song Probability, to jealousy, citing the tune A Sort of Green, to the inevitable break up lament, Don’t Blink.

The stand out from this collection of quixotic musings is Maybe, which is a tender homage written for an ailing loved one. It’s sad in lyric, but with a hopefulness in the melody. These tender offerings are meant for listening in the quiet, that simple place where complication is not needed, where lyric and melody can subtly trigger our own romantic rumination. Noelle Ellis,

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