08 Jul, Wednesday
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Darkest Era – Severance

PromoImageSeverence is the second album release from Northern Ireland band Darkest Era. As such it is therefore more representative of the bands true identity and sound. Their debut “Last Caress of Light” on Metal Blade was like most bands debut; a case of the band seeking to find their musical feet in a studio environment. The songs on this release have been forged primarily by regular live work around the world on various major support tours and world festivals.

The bands sound is unique – sure there are clear influences like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden purely from the twin lead guitar work – but they have created their own style. Lyrically ancient mythology and legends close to the bands Irish roots appear to be an ongoing theme. The touring over the last few years has soldered a tightness which is apparent both on the studio and live versions of the songs. Complex time changes through out the tracks – not just a predictable song format for this band. I was fortunate enough to recently witness the band play these songs in a live capacity as support to Amon Amarth. Quite a partisan fan base which they successfully managed to win over. It is here that the bands strength lies in their ability and various musical talents to appeal to a wide and varied fan base.

They have served their apprenticeship through several EPs and the aforementioned debut release. In the current strong and extremely popular local scene this stands up well in comparison with the many releases of their peers. I feel that their recently announced headlining tour which includes dates both North and South of Ireland will only serve to accentuate the bands already rising star. Mark Dean,

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