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LIVE: David Guetta – Tennents Vital, Belfast

DavidGuettasongPics1Hh8Nj1HdEvRRuMSunday 24th August brought the ear throbbing beats to Tennent’s Vital Belfast 2014 as Steve Angello and David Guetta took to the stage for one electric night.

First up, Steve Angello, a member of Swedish House Mafia, who graced the stage, paved the way and set the pace for what was in store. Angello would be best known for songs created with his bandmates from Swedish House Mafia, hits such as Don’t You Worry Child (feat. John Martin) and Save the World. Angello caressed the fans ear with his music and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Will we be seeing more of Angello… from the chat in the pit the crowd seem to hope so.

Angello and Guetta may both be known for their DJ skills but both couldn’t be more different when it comes to stage presence. Naturally as Guetta has been creating music for longer, he is more established and known. Also this is not Guetta’s first major gig and this was evident as he connected with the crowd which seemed to influence his performance as his set list played out. Despite the rain it did not dampen the hearts of the David Guetta fans. Guetta himself was having a great night, not only did he drop some ground shaking beats, he announced as he began his set that his most recent single Lovers of the Sun (feat. Sam Martin) just hit the top of the charts. This recent number 1 has taken Guetta’s total amount to 7 UK Number 1’s.

The combination of the melody and heavy timbre with the visual background made the atmosphere in the crowd electric and dance in awe. The visual graphics enhanced the crowd’s experience giving them something to look at and including them in the story of each song. Not one person could stand still as Guetta cleverly switched from one song, to another showing off his skills and reinforcing why he is the Daddy of Dance- Pop music where disk jocky’s are involved.

The french house music DJ and music producer dropped hit after hit and threw the crowd into disarray, loving every minute that past with no care for who was watching. Hits included the dance anthem Titanium, Guetta’s fifth UK number 1 single, were the crowd sang along with Guetta, to the less well known Love Don’t Let Me Go (feat. The Egg). Other hits that went down well were Play Hard (feat. Ne-Yo, Akon). The pulse raising music took over and snaked through the crowd making every fan express their love of music through dance.

Guetta’s music can be varied in genres and is not afraid to take risks with his music for example he uses heavily looped guitar riffs in Blast Off (feat. Kaz James). The Alphabeat is also a perfect example as there are no words featured in the song however, the crowd were still about to relate to it and went crazy even though they could not sing along.

Despite the diverse genres both Guetta and Angello still went back to their routes of house music playing Bad (feat. Vassy) and Wasted Love (feat. Dougie from The Temper Trap). Both Bad and Love Don’t Let Me Go are recent hits and would be classed as House music, reinforcing that Guetta could be going down memory line. Hannah Strain,

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