17 Feb, Monday
7° C

Third Degree – Flamin’ Rum

1506731_657547650975938_375593725_nThe first few youthful notes of Flamin’ Rum at once reminded me of The Kooks. My complacency in that comparison shot to hell as the mature vocals akin to Soundgarden exploded on the scene, taking the guitar, bass, and drum along for the ride.

Third Degree displays the playful side of grunge, stretching its wings guitar-wise, yet maintaining the vocal integrity. The video for this track underscores the playfulness of the band themselves. And it should be said, the guitar solo featured over the end credits of the video for Flaming Rum is particularly noteworthy, adding another dimension to this already multifaceted sound—giving it classical undertones.

Third Degree has assuredly piqued my interest. I want to hear more, simple as. Noelle Ellis,

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