28 Sep, Monday
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Twin Atlantic – The Great Divide

PromoImage (1)Usually you can tell if a band can become legendary by their second album. Some call it second album syndrome – like a jinx. The euphoria and intense ambition that the debut creates sets the follower up for a grand fall when it doesn’t meet people’s expectations.

When Scottish outfit Twin Atlantic released Vivarium, the ambition was there. The sheer talent was clearly on display and with all the right hooks in the right places, they were thrust onto the right people’s desks. Their second release Free maintained that excitement – a feat which few could replicate. The third would surely fall short? In this case, not.

The Great Divide is a grand concoction of ambition, progression and sheer talent. Heart and Soul has already been cemented in the memories of everyone’s Summer being blasted endlessly on the radio, and rightly warranted. This release boasts a collection of both pop rock anthems such as Brothers and Sisters and I Am An Animal whilst providing delicious ballads such as Oceans, Hold On and Be a Kid.

The anthems that this release in years to come will be remembered by will only be the start of the chapters, overlooking the immense content lurking within. Fall Into the Party, Actions That Echo and Cell Mate are the perfect example. First class. Mark Dunn,

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