20 Jun, Thursday
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No Matter – Drop the Act

nomatterPicking up where Green Day left off in the mid to late nineties is, No Matter. The self confessed fast paced punk pop outfit are back with a long awaited follow up to their previous EP release.

From the start ‘Drop the Act’ doesn’t stop for breathe. Aptly named ‘Postpone’ kicks off the EP. Big riffs, banging drums, noisy guitar and chanting lyrics make for a catchy introduction.

More of the same follows. In‘ Too Bad’ we hear the female vocals for the first time. The change in the vocals give the band an added dimension and a slightly softer more melodic sound, which mixed in with the fast paced, in your face sound, comes as a welcome change. ‘Bite’ continues with a similar formula but manages to hark back to the grunge pop sound of the nineties.

This is a 7 track EP, although as you might imagine with this genre, all songs don’t make it past 2 and a half minutes. The tracks are tinged with anger, lyrics such as ‘I’m so sick of you’ in ‘Sick‘ are common but are also laced with humour.

With the energy displayed on this EP, this is likely to transcend well to live performance, see you in the mosh pit! Michael Chapman,

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