21 Oct, Wednesday
12° C

Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors – Two Minutes Hate

a3350659824_10Two Minutes Hate, the second EP from SRI resumes its fresh, but familiar sound. Recorded live in studio, this favors the unfussy stylings of SRI’s signature sound. Vocally running the gamut from Green Day to Blur with a familiarity on Lambs that reminds me of Pearl Jam’s Garden of Stone.

The bass is the standout in this line up; in particular the track Saccharine which features a wicked solo. American Woe is the money song with its triple-time drum riffs and engine revving guitar dipping once again into the well of post-punk, Green Day-ish sound. This is a blood-pumping rock record; simple as. And as a bonus, it features killer album cover art. Noelle Ellis,

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