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Sunflowerfest 2014 – Saturday 23rd August

SFS1 SFS3 SFS5 SFS6 SFS8 SFS9 SFS12 SFS13 SFS15 SFS17 SFS19 SFS20 SFS22 SFS23 SFS26 SFS27 SFS29 SFS30 SFS32 SFS33 SFS34 SFS36 SFS37 SFS39 SFS41 SFS42 SFS43 SFS44 SFS45 SFS46 SFS49 SFS50 SFS51 SFS52 SFS54 SFS56 SFS57 SFS59 SFS60 SFS61 SFS63 SFS64 SFS66 SFS68 SFS72 SFS74 SFS76 SFS77 SFS82 SFS84 SFS86 SFS87 SFS90 SFS92 SFS93 SFS94 SFS98 SFS99 SFS101 SFS103 SFS105 SFS106 SFS107 SFS108 SFS109 SFS111Known as one of the most popular local music festivals Northern Ireland has to offer, Sunflowerfest came back with a bang in 2014 with it’s best lineup to date.

With Saturday 23rd August headlined by Downpatrick legends The Answer, the day was filled with some of the best local bands such as Million Dollar Reload, Silhouette, Million Dollar Reload amongst many others- a real treat for all who attended.

Our photographer Adrian Knight was down throughout the Saturday to capture the day in photo. Get onto Facebook to tag you and your friends! Click here!

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