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The Subways look forward to Belfast

thesubwaysThe alternative rock trio, The Subways, plan to take the Limelight by storm on October 15.

Fresh form the festival circuit and with a new album on the horizon the band are starting another exciting chapter of their decade-old career. Frontman, Billy Lunn was very kind to time to chat to Gigging NI’s Finola Doran about the band’s most recent escapades.

“We’ve had so many great festival experiences this summer, but there was a particular weekend in Europe at Poolbar Festival, Rocco Del Schlacko and Taubertal, which were especially fun; great bands to watch and awesome crowd reactions”, Billy said. “We also topped off the weekend supporting our good friends Sportfreunde Stiller in Germany.”

Billy is an avid crowd surfer and believes that it’s an important method in getting closer to fans. He said: “For me, it’s really important. I want to reach out to the guys in the audience and I want to get involved in the mayhem in the pit! Plus, there are so many little bits you can pick up along the way. At one point I was given a melon crown, which was smashed up on my head by the time I got to the stage. I smelled like a melon for the rest of the day, which was refreshing.”

The Subways self-titled album is set for release on February 6 of next year. If fans choose to pre-order their latest release they’ll be treated by getting their first six songs immediately. Billy explains the band’s simple rationale behind this bold move; “We’re so excited, we want the fans to have half the album now.”

Their first single from the album, My Heart is Pumping to a Brand New Beat, has already been met with a fantastically positive reaction from fans. Bill said: “We’ve been lucky in that every time we’ve released a single the fans have embraced the fact that our sound remains and that we also take steps in new directions each time. The reaction has been so lovely, and it really, really, really does mean so much to us when that happens.”

It’s been ten years since The Subways won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition as an unsigned act; Billy said: “It’s very difficult to look back and quantify/qualify all the stuff that’s happened in the last ten years, simply because it’s all been so mind-blowing. Every day we wake up and we say to ourselves; “we get to play music every day. We get to rock out on stage tonight to a mass of sweaty bodies!” We feel so inconceivably lucky.”

If you happen to bump into Billy in Belfast, looking for a bit of a chat and he doesn’t quite understand what you’re saying; don’t take offence. Bill explains why: “It’s sort of been a running joke with a few of the fans in Northern Ireland that I have trouble discerning what they’re saying. My hearing is already completely ruined by the last ten years of rock n roll, but on top of that I’m also a little bit thick. So I’m going to work extremely hard at not saying “what?” after every utterance! JUST YELL AT ME, GUYS! Love the accent, by the way.”

Catch The Subways at The Limelight on October 15. Their new single is available now.

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