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Yorkshire five-piece Embrace announce return to Belfast

EmbraceMuch loved Yorkshire five-piece Embrace have just announced their Belfast return with a headline show at Limelight 1 on Saturday 13th December 2014.

If coming back means losing sight of what you were there for in the first place, there’s really no percentage in returning. In an age that’s produced more comebacks than the Boomerang Olympics, it’s easy to treat regenerations with a degree of scepticism. In the case of Embrace, however, rather than grabbing at the coattails of former glories, a seven-year hiatus was precipitated by the most commercially successful high-point in their career.

Having notched up another number one album and scored their highest placing in the UK singles chart with Nature’s Law, the band simply decided to head back home to their roots in West Yorkshire and take a clean break.

The album This New Day being a false dawn, the five-piece strode into the sunset with success still snapping at their heels. Curious behaviour, for a band whose 1998 debut The Good Will Out was one of the fastest-selling British albums ever. But for some, success is not the pinnacle of pursuit…

And regroup they did, but not in the egalitarian manner in which the last album was made – essentially a studio-based group effort – Danny and brother Richard instead returning to their solo-writing mandates, producing over 100 tracks in the interim – ten of which make up the monolith that is their latest calling card, the eponymous Embrace.

Embrace have come back, but what they know now means more than ever before – that being alive is one thing; living it is everything. Embrace it, always.

Tickets priced £17.50 (Excluding booking fee) are on sale now from Ticketmaster outlets and

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