28 Sep, Monday
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Brigid O’Neill – Arrivals and Departures

brigidoneillArrivals and Departures is the debut EP from the crystalline vox of Brigid O’Neill and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It is, however, a bit eclectic to fit easily into only one shelf of your CD collection. It combines elements of Clannad type folk with Imelda May-esque rockabilly and at times a spot of jazz with muted trumpets. The melodic and lyrical writing is strong on all these tracks, but I feel Brigid’s voice is suited to the folkier end such as the title track and Helium Balloon with its lovely Evanescence piano line.

The production is competent throughout with some lovely guitar lines in the title track and great vocal harmonies on You’re Never Gonna Get to Heaven (think Imelda May’s Proud and Humble and you’ll get this song). An exciting first release. I’m looking forward to hearing more. Eve Williams,

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