20 Jun, Thursday
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¿Que-Pasa? – Mellon

quepasa¿Que-Pasa? to you readers who are unfamiliar with the name, are a seven piece band from Lurgan. The band is made up of young faced, energetic, refreshingly different individuals that once they come together, seem to create an exciting, addictively fresh sounding quirky funk, demonstrated on their debut EP, named Mellon. The instruments on show within this band include bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, ukulele, and more, allowing for a completely new dynamic on their music in which we don’t hear too often from new up and coming bands in Northern Ireland.

The EP is kicked off with a fun track named ‘Doge (Give me the D)’, the song is a highly energetic, easy to listen to tune that if played on stage would be sure to have people dancing, sounding like a mixture of Vampire Weekend and the Madness colliding together in quite an impressive fashion, the song introduces us to the band brilliantly and kicks the EP off on the right note.

‘PCD’ follows up with a slower, yet equally uplifting track filled with underlying funky rhythmic guitar flicks and some simplistic yet effect drumming, that rather than over shadowing the impressive brass on show, helps compliment the overall song. Continuing on from this song comes the stand out track on the EP in my own opinion, ‘Phantom of the Restaurant’. Throughout this song we are met with great vocals, brilliantly composed brass, the seemingly trademark funky guitar in the background and an overall refreshingly good feeling from a song that could very easily have a crowd swaying in sync and singing along to the chant worthy lyrics on offer.

The final song, ‘The Logic of Matthew Dickson’ ends the EP off with another fun sounding funky track that strangely reminded me of ‘the ultimate showdown’ (a YouTube hit), showing off some superb gut bouncing bass lines that sound as if they belong more on a Red Hot Chilli Peppers track, being accompanied by an equally impressive guitar solo thrown in the middle before bowing out with an uplifting final push by the band playing out for a grand finish to the EP.

In short, this EP is a brilliant debut for the young band, sounding like a real possible crowd pleasing funk induced energetic injected extravaganza, sure to have anyone listening to them happy to be there and ready to move. Niall Donnelly,

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