02 Jul, Thursday
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Hindrance – A Reflection of Fate

hindranceA Reflection of Fate by alt-rock band Hindrance could be argued a reflection of the time in the 90s where metal fused with alternative bearing bands like Audioslave and Alice in Chains.

This particular EP reminds me a great deal of Velvet Revolver’s first album. Especially on the tracks, Adrenaline, Difference, and Karma. Go For It; my personal favorite, reaches into this bag too, yet the guitar licks are completely fresh and kinda kick some ass. This is the money song.

Innocence is the only track that strays somewhat into ballad-esque territory…well, as ballad as you can manage with metal guitar riffs and growling vocals; rather a low-grinding lullaby.

Production-wise this is a tidy record; each track coordinates well with the others. It’s a simple collection of sketches of life—a bit like bar banter with your mates. Noelle Ellis,

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