22 Jan, Friday
4° C

LIVE: Band of Skulls – Limelight, Belfast

bandofskullsSupport this evening comes from DZ Deathrays, a band previously unknown to me, but as everyone is greeted at the door with a complimentary badge I am excited to see what they have in store for this evening.

The band take to the stage a mere 15 minutes after the doors open which leaves a lot to be desired for crowd size. However, this does not affect their performance as they take to stage with an unanticipated eruption of energy. With little chat between songs the Australian duo seem only interested in one thing, which is rocking out.

They definitely succeed in doing this with drummer, Simon Ridley, barely coming up for air between each song. The vocals sometimes get lost in the wall of sound that is being produced, but when they do break through the songs are genuinely catchy. DZ Deathrays will definitely have picked up some new fans this evening as their set goes down well with the crowd.

Band of Skulls take to stage with ‘It’s a Man’s World’ playing in the background.  From the offset the band ooze their own unique cool. With each member clad in black they play hit after hit. ‘Patterns’ and ‘Blood’ sound huge and fill every corner of the now packed out Limelight 2.

Russell Mardsen has his own charismatic way of moving and playing on stage, with Emma Richardson not far behind. Their voices fuse perfectly together, no more so during ‘Bruises’ which is one of the biggest crowd pleasers of the night. By the time the band play ‘Death By Diamonds And Pearls’ the crowd have properly warmed up and have no problem with going crazy at every opportunity.

The main set is concluded with the beautiful ‘Cold Fame’ which builds and builds captivating every member of the crowd. The pace is picked up during the encore with ‘Hoochie Coochie’ and ‘Hollywood Bowl’. Both songs sound great and reinforce the fact that Band of Skulls are an amazing band to experience in a live setting.

Considering this band have played massive festivals such as Glastonbury and Sonisphere this year, it was great to get the opportunity to see and hear them play such an intimate venue. Pamela Anderson,







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