09 Aug, Sunday
19° C

LIVE: Hidden Machine #7: White Male Actors

hm7Halloween is near and everyone has made their best efforts to get in the spooky spirit this evening. From what I can imagine, we can expect a great line up of alternative, atmospheric tunes.

Enter Those Ghosts, an alt rock quartet with their “first gig in quite some time”, having dealt with “studios, babies and beards”  the past while. After a little introduction,intricate melodies and catchy choruses dominate the bands sound. Blending bass and guitar tones seamlessly as they begin with their song December.

The guys are nervous to begin with and there are a few minor timing issues but the lads shake it off gracefully as they warm up and start to fully enjoy their set. Their unique brand of alt rock is enjoyable and their clever addition of the Monster Mash during their song “All is Even” is reflective of the bands fun personality. Therefore, despite a slightly shakey start, the band deliver an impressively solid and respectable set tonight.

Next in the line up is Dublin’s very own The North Sea. The lads are celebrating the last leg of their tour in our dear town and I am excited for our second alt-rock artists of the night, taking a slightly different take on the alt-rock genre .

These lads are more vulnerable and raw in their sound. The quintet have a great knack for urgent, expressive vocals and complimentary instrumentals. I also cant help but notice an influence from US based alt rock boys The Front Bottoms. The band drape their hearts on their sleeves beautifully with songs like Drinking Alone and new single In Love. They have mastered and accepted their sound wonderfully.

Wrapping up the show this evening are ambient rock enthusiasts White Male Actors – tonight they release their EP exclusively.

Diving straight into atmospheric melodies. The use of reverb and emotive lyrics are carefully displayed throughout the set. Especially during their single 31 Years which nods effectively to early bloc party. Bursting confidently from song to song the band are worthy of their headlining position. Providing a wave of sound that fills the room greatly. Greeting the faces of many happy punters.

Tonight we are treated to many different types of alt – rock. Dripping with quaint melodies coming from every corner. Allowing the bands to express their individuality yet combining to make an over-all appetising line up.Top marks go to Hidden Machine for the fluency in their line-up, making it thoroughly enjoyable for all. Ciara King,

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