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Trucker Diablo to return with new Pledge album

truckerdiabloTrucker Diablo have announced their return to the local music scene and want you to get involved in their new album.

In the past Trucker Diablo have shared the stage with many great acts and have played festival after festival up and down the country and we were devastated to see the news of their split in early 2014. However after a change of heart and slight change of line-up, the Truck is certainly keeping on rolling.

Trucker Diablo have announced a new Pledge campaign to try and get fans involved in their brand new album Rise Above the Noise. Today, 15th November, the band are sitting on 83% with over a month left to go. With many goodies up for grabs, including hoodies and DVDs, it is the perfect time to get back on board. Trucker Diablo earlier released details of their new single ‘Party Like They Started the End of the World’. Watch below.

To pledge, visit:

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