26 May, Sunday
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Daveit Ferris – A Taste of 365 Sparks

atasteof365sparksIf you put aside for a moment the inspiring tale of how this album came to be, not to mention the fact it is 100% DIY, A Taste of 365 Sparks is straightforwardly an excellent record. Simple as…

All I Wanted is perfection in all its pop-rock glory. An array of vocal stylings, pop hooks, and killer guitar and drum riffs.

The opening machine gun fire guitar riffs on This is Your Captain Speaking sets the table for the razor sharp vocals to follow.

The epic swells and crests of pop and rock continue throughout this album and are particularly well illustrated on the track Blood Generator.

The unbounded determination and polished attention to detail brings to mind the old adage, do what you love and the money will follow. Well, if I were a wagering woman I’d put my money on this guy. “A Taste of 365 Sparks” has success written all over it. Noelle Ellis,

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