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INTERVIEW: Needtobreathe

needtobreatheSouth Carolina outfit Needtobreathe visited Belfast this week to play the city’s Limelight venue to a packed out audience.

With five albums to their name and now over 15 years experience, the band continue to go from strength to strength and will return next year to perform live with a full backing band at Mandela Hall, on May 21st 2015.

We spoke with them ahead of their Belfast show to get a little insight into their history and how the band feel today.

You formed over 15 years ago and have five studios albums to your name. Firstly how does it feel now looking back at those years you spent together?

“It seems like yesterday. We’re blown away that we have made it this far together. When we first started out, our only goal was to make it through the month. We’ve spent every year together since we were 7 years old, so looking back, everything that’s happened to us, even training for a 400m relay race for our State Olympics in middle school (we won. J), has been part of a natural progression of baby steps that have led us to where we are today.”

And do you think the present time is the best place you think the band has been?

“I would say it is by far. We’ve definitely been through the abyss and came out the other side.”

Do you ever look back to a specific moment and wish to re-live it?

“The first time we sold out our local club. We thought we had made it!”

Your latest album Rivers in the Wasteland debuted fantastically. What was your reaction to its first few weeks? Did you pay much attention to it or just continue on like normal?

“These days, we’re pretty blown away any time people pay attention.”

Your US tour, which seemed to be on and off from April through to September, travelled far and wide. Are you a band who song write on the road or strictly leave that to studio time?

“We write all the time, but we love to work on our new stuff during sound checks. We’re like a brand new band when it comes to that. We still love to jam together.”

And now travelling to the UK, you’ve played Belfast’s Limelight 2, how do you feel travelling across to perform? Is there any nerves or special desires when you’re over?

“There’s a little added pressure because we don’t get to play over here as much as we do at home, but our expectations are always really high. The crowds over here are always a little wild, which is great!”

Needtobreathe return to Belfast’s Mandela Hall next May 21st for full live performance.

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