17 Feb, Monday
6° C

The Shout – Write Delete Repeat

theshoutWhen the first few bars of Wait for Me hit the speakers, I was hooked. When the chorus washed in in cresting swells I could easily imagine the future crowds that will be singing along with this particular track. This is the money song; although When We Were Young gives it a run for the money.

This is that terrific intermingling of pop music sensibilities spun with resolute percussion and metal guitar riffs; a spot-on example of independent rock.

On and On and The Runaway are where the rock in indie rock can be heard; a cross between A Plastic Rose and All Time Low.

WRITE-DELETE-REPEAT feels familiar, yet features distinctive, power-driven melodies, and passionate vocal delivery; familiar in the sense that by the second listen I was already singing along.

I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more from The Shout. Noelle Ellis,

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