20 Nov, Wednesday
8° C

Boss Sound Manifesto – In It for the Good Times

bosssoundmanifestoPost-third wave ska band Boss Sound Manifesto’s debut EP “In it for the Good Times” is a refresher course in ska and its various derivitives. It’s the perfect cocktail of ska’s sharp brass, ever-present and imperative Calypso beats, reggae’s bass line, and the exuberance of two-tone and rocksteady.

If I were setting the playlist for live performance, I’d open with Full Moon Crazy Dog. It’s a cheeky dance tune guaranteed to whip the crowd into a frenzy of danceable good vibes.

Dig It is a bit softer, cooling things down a bit in spite of the first few polished brass notes.

Mask of Shame and Nosey Street are destined to become fast favorites on the dance floor; Nosey Street featuring some pretty impressive licks on the sax.

Live Well and Smile A Lot sounds the perfect encore song, wrapping things up nicely with a positive message and cooler, gentler beats.

Playful, yet sophisticated musicianship is the glue that holds this ska-lover’s sampling together creating a cohesive collection that’s sure to please. Noelle Ellis,

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