Ruairi & The Owls – Man About a Dog


There is a subtle sophistication underlying the seamless, yet exuberant melodies on MAN ABOUT A DOG, by Londonderry’s Ruairi & The Owls. At first glance this is quintessential pop music. To say pop music will sometimes suggest a lack of complexity. Not so in this case.

Unassuming drumbeats maintain the heartbeat pulse of this bouncy blend. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy throughout; most especially on the track Thaw. The harmonies on Memory Stick, as well as Egg & Spoon are utterly charming.

This down-to-earth, yet danceable collection is the perfect aperitif to what to expect in the future from this band. And I have to say has assuredly whet my appetite. Noelle Ellis, GiggingNI