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Trucker Diablo appoint new bassist to complete lineup

td3Trucker Diablo have today announced that they have recruited a new bassist to complete their lineup.

The heavy rock band, famed for tunes such as ‘Drink, Beer, Destroy’ and ‘Drive’, have recently successfully completed a Pledge campaign for their new album Rise Above the Noise, due out in March.

Today they announced that Jim McGurk will replace Glenn Harrison who didn’t reunite with the band late last year.

Trucker Diablo released the following statement through social media earlier today:

“Trucker Diablo are very pleased to announce the addition of Jim McGurk as bassist to the band. Jim replaces Glenn Harrison who decided not to return when the band came off hiatus late last year.

Vocalist/Lead guitarist Tom Harte commented “Jim stood out for us, we gave him 10 songs to learn and he nailed them! His enthusiasm was infectious and jamming with him in rehearsals made it clear, he was the guy”

Today is also the day the band start production for the new album, Rise Above The Noise, which was funded through a Pledge Music Campaign, and will be released through Pledge in early March.
A launch gig for the album has been set for the now almost legendary Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill, Northern Ireland on 7th March.

A new single will be released around the album launch time, more details to follow.

Looking further afield, July sees the band headline the Friday main stage at The Rock n Blues Custom Show in Derbyshire, the bands third appearance at this festival and first headliner at the bike festival. More festival announcements will follow.”

Trucker Diablo will play the Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill on 7th March 2015.

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