24 Feb, Wednesday
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Cry Monster Cry – Rhythm of Dawn

crymonstercryFollowing the brilliant ‘The Fallen’ EP, Cry Monster Cry have returned with their full length debut album ‘Rhythm Of Dawn’.  This album is nothing short of fantastic.  The unique sound of the album comes from the theme of morning and night, with the melodies of each song exhibiting this.

From the upbeat instrumentals of ‘Starling‘ to the more darker and haunting melodies of ‘Old at Heart’, the album takes you on journey and leaves you in awe by the end.  The folk elements of certain songs is a gripping aspect of the album.  ‘When the Morning Comes’ is a truly beautiful piece of music with the use of banjo’s giving it an authentic folk feel.  Not to mention the beautiful lyrics to accompany the music.

Not only can this debut album boast of truly great harmonies and melodies, but also of spine tingling lyrics that tell a story and have you hooked from the very first line.  With an album like ‘Rhythm Of Dawn’, Cry Monster Cry are definitely going to be very big news in the near future! Alannah Morrow,

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