30 May, Saturday
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LIVE: Sick of It All – Limelight, Belfast

M1The Distortion Project brings New York legends Sick Of It All to Limelight 2 along with a stellar line up of supporting acts.

First act ‘Murdock’ take to stage in the presence of a thin crowd. This doesn’t seem to hamper the performance with Ronan Nolan delivering drums that are on fire.

The Irish trio thrash through their set delivering perfectly crafted tracks that merge heavy breakdowns with intense hardcore vocals. By the time the set is wrapped up the band have earned some much deserved appreciation from the crowd as things start to get moving.

BAM1After a quick turnaround, its Belfast natives ‘By Any Means’ turn to create some havoc on the confined stage of Limelight 2. The band instantly exude confidence and quite literally demand the crowd’s attention and participation.

Second song in, lead vocalist Chris Curlett in is the crowd passing around the mic getting everyone involved. This more animated performance certainly succeeds in getting everyone warmed up and ready for the headliners. The finale comes in the form of lead singer Wayne from fellow Belfast band ‘Defyed’, who joins the quartet on stage to lend a hand with the vocals, giving a last injection of energy into their already action packed set.


As the lights go out and the now filled out crowd surge forward, ‘Sick Of It All’ make their way onto stage. With no hesitation the seasoned veterans launch into track after track of punk anthems sending onlookers into frenzy. Lou Koller has the crowd eating out of his hand from the offset, taking any opportunity to banter back and forth.

He complains about the mandatory barrier that has been placed between him and the crowd, claiming that he is too old to try and climb over it, not that there is any evidence of age hindering the delivery of the show. Koller thanks everyone for showing up on a Monday night on numerous oSOIA8ccasions seeming genuinely chuffed at the turnout and dedicates the track ‘Sanctuary’ to everyone for coming out.

After a jam packed set, perhaps the highlight being ‘Step Down’, the band perform a ‘pretend encore’ where they don’t actually leave the stage but churn out a couple more songs for good measure.

After the final song the band stick around to have a chat with the lingering crowd, providing a perfect ending to the night. Pamela Anderson,

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