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REVIEW: Kimmie Rhodes – Cowgirl Boudoir

kimmie rhodesComing across a good country album nowadays can feel like looking for a needle in a very big pile of needles with so much arguably sounding the same. The massive country industry can really dish out artists as if they had been manufactured and taken straight off a conveyor belt one after another.

It’s for this reason when an artist like Kimmie Rhodes, a well experienced, proven song writer, that has done what so many others fail to do in the industry, releases an album, expectations are understandably high for those who love the genre. So I’ll say this, all you country lovers, or all you looking to begin your hard search into the stack of needles – to find one that doesn’t feel like it’s all about the dollar signs – Kimmie Rhodes album, titled ‘Cowgirl Boudoir’, offers you everything you need.

With a return to original song-writing after having realised an album of her favourite covers in 2013, there was no doubt that a songwriter with such talent and so critically acclaimed would deliver something special, having previously written multi-platinum selling songs for artists such as Willie Nelson, Peter Frampton and Mark Knopfler.

The Texan born singer songwriter this time round has put together an album collaborating with Johnny Goudie and producer Gabriel Rhodes which puts on a masterclass of how to write a song. With songs like ‘Lover Killin’ Time’, ‘Will You’ and ‘I Am Falling’ leading the charge in this beautifully composed album, the songs are ones in which you dream of walking into a bar somewhere in Nashville and hear playing on a jukebox or being performed live by a band in the corner. A set of songs we here in Belfast should all look forward to being privileged enough to hear when she comes to play for us on the 19th March in our very own ‘The Black Box’.

The album pulls together the sounds of steel guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, percussion and many other instruments to piece together another unsurprisingly brilliant set of songs by the singer song writer. The album at time pulls Kimmie back to her early teenage years with ‘Don’t Leave Me Like This’, being one of a few tracks that firmly pull on the heartstrings, with songs you can relate too and deep meaning behind every minute of every song, ‘Cowgirl Boudoir’ provides us listeners with another gathering of solid Kimmie Rhodes songs that live up to the name. A real breath of fresh air to add to any country music collection, and a pleasure to see such a highly rated, all be it less familiar on our side of the world, seasoned song writer back with us releasing new original songs to enjoy. Niall Donnelly,

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