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Rae Morris announces Belfast Limelight show

raemorrisEnglish singer songwriter Rae Morris has announced a show at Belfast’s Limelight 2 for 16th May 2015.

Rae Morris would have you believe that she just fell upon a career in music, but truth be told she’s absolutely made her own luck. Rae has moulded her identity in her own time on her own terms, and honed her skills on the live circuit, where she’s never once experienced a bad reception. “Taxi drivers are always asking me why I’m not on Britain’s Got Talent,” she says with an easy charm. “But I still find it hard to stand up and sing. All I’ve ever done is sit down and play piano.”

In a musical landscape where inexperienced, shy kids with big dreams are encouraged to recognise their extraordinary gifts and take them to the talent contests of Saturday night primetime TV shows, Rae never even considered that an option. Spend just a minute in her company and it’s not hard to imagine why friends – and taxi drivers – alike, have recognised that she’d smash through any talent competition. Rae’s killer combination of coy, girl-next-door charm, heart-warming backstory and songwriting flair – not to mention her utterly disarming chamber pop vocal – would have the entire nation eating out the palm of her hands.

Her unique and grand confidence on the deeply emotional songs that form her forthcoming debut record are based on one particularly significant relationship. They’re about love and loss but don’t take the most obvious approach to those well-trodden subject matters. New single ‘Skin’ indicates the baroque nature of her sound with its haunted piano keys, sparse production and heart-rending vocals.

Put it plainly, there is nobody else in the UK right now who sounds quite like Rae.

Tickets go on sale this Friday priced £14.50 excluding fee and are available here.

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