20 Jan, Wednesday
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REVIEW: Bee Mick See – The Belfast Yank

ACIn extravagant style ‘The Belfast Yank’ opens with a Belfast jargon lesson before ‘Awkward’, ‘Love’  and ‘Stress’ provide an open-top, birds eye view inside the head of the now Belfast living Bee Mick See.

His potent tongue oozes character whilst his rhymes – “I’m hip like a knee-cap / fragile like a Nokia keypad” – can be either tongue-tying or comically brilliant, no doubt taking advantage of his time working with collaborative artists such as MC Lars, Tribe One and Roysta.

Death’ and ‘We Took a Dive’ go to lengths that are to be respected with choruses sung by the aforementioned and Paul Denver, a good friend known to feature at shows.

It’s a solid release with some tracks sure to be cherished by fans and newcomers alike. It’s witty and charming whilst taking a sarcastic swing at Belfast life. Mark Dunn,

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