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REVIEW: Grant Nicholas – Black Clouds

BLACK CLOUDS COVERA simple, beautiful, darker sounding set of tracks from Grant Nicholas, Black Clouds is the companion piece to Yorktown Heights, a set of songs I would definitely advise any music lover to sink their teeth into. And here’s why.

The short six track mini album is, to the point, quite brilliant, with every song that lingers on this track list good enough to belong amongst the songs of a full length album. The songs present create at times a warm texture, an openhearted feeling that could be played around a camp fire. The songs are filled with meaning, not pretentious stories, but real meaning, real stories told by lyrics a listener can really relate too. The short album builds upon the songs originally in the Yorktown Heights album, however with a more experimental feel to them, with the introduction of more electronica sounds in the landscape of songs.

A personal favourite and a real stand out from the 6 tracks would be ‘After the Fall’. A simple, short acoustic song, one that highlights the talents of Grant Nicholas to compose a truly heart felt song, one that grasps your attention with every lyric and every pluck of a guitar string, whilst at the same time allowing your mind to wonder, creating its own music video or finding its own translation to the story being told.

Alongside this as a real stand out from the 6 songs on show would be ‘Reminisce’. A gorgeous song that’s methodical finger picking and soft backdrop of instruments such as the harmonica allow the song to jump leaps and bounds above others I’ve heard try to capture this nostalgic feeling, which only a simple acoustic song can create when done right. A song with little intricate pieces, all of which complement each other to create sheer excellence, well worth a download.

This mini album is old school song writing at its finest, no cheap tricks, no massive guitar solos that over shadow the main body of the song, no huge drum fills that distract the ear from the story, proper singer song writing, storytelling songs at their finest. If I was to find any sort of negative point about the mini album it would be this, there just wasn’t enough songs! But I suppose that’s a good thing, a singer song writer that leaves you wanting more? I’m sure anyone that listens to this will feel the same, and surely anticipate when the next set of tracks will be coming our way. My final bit of advice to you the reader is this… Get listening to these songs! You won’t regret it. Niall Donnelly,

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