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REVIEW: Grant Nicholas – Empire Hall, Belfast

grantnicholasAt the Empire on Sunday night, we had a very laid back, acoustic, show in store for us.

Supporting from locally Eamonn McNamee, more famously from a band named The Holy Innocents who hail from Ballymena but are based in Belfast, took the stage to perform a couple of songs from the band’s album ‘Letter to Lone Ridge’.

This set the mood quite fittingly for the show as Eamonn got up and performed brilliantly with songs like ‘Master of Disguise’ and ‘Hard Times‘ , you felt the sense that the show itself was going to be easy going and quite intimate where you could be close to the acts and interact almost on a personal basis with your audience.

As good as he sounded by himself and how brilliantly he got himself across on stage, I just thought that with the whole band if they could’ve made it would’ve made the songs complete.

Grant Nicholas is, as most of you know, the frontman for the Welsh rock band Feeder. He has many accolades for his work in Feeder including eight UK Top 40 albums, a Best British Live Act Award and three Gold albums to date.

But this wasn’t about Feeder. It is about his latest project and solo tour with the “Grant Nicholas Band” and their album ‘Yorktown Heights‘ and the mini album/EP ‘Black Clouds’.

He came onstage with his band and instantly thanked everyone that came out to the show then started into his setlist. From the title track ‘Soul Mates’ of his album Yorktown Heights to the final song ‘Robots’ Grant and the band battled their way through a good chunk of his debut solo album. He even managed to get through some songs from mini album ‘Black Clouds’.

The song ‘Everyday Society’ was a particularly  pleasing song from the aforementioned that I enjoyed personally, but as the night went on the crowd watched and listened to every note and every lyric sang intently.

Grant himself noticed this and gave his input by thanking the crowd for the ambience and calmness that the entire night had. He said himself it was a great place and the crowd were fantastic taking in everything that the band and he had created on the record. Matt Halliday,

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