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REVIEW: More than Conquerors – Limelight, Belfast

wpid-fb_img_1426241035452.jpgAt the Limelight on Wednesday we had three local acts who have been touring around for a while through the Northern Irish Music Scene and further abroad.

But despite their best efforts to entice the crowd to jump around and enjoy the show they couldn’t spark a reaction.

You knew that tonight could bring three great acts on stage to have the Limelight almost at full capacity. Travis is a Tourist were on first and they instantly got me listening, rather than talking. With little guitar playing, except a strum every so often, and the introduction of the rest of the band after the first song, they delivered a great sound behind extremely powerful vocals that got me listening to each note and word until the end.

The song that stood out the most to me was Nothing At All, and honestly if you get the chance to go and see them or even pick up their EP, you won’t be disappointed. They did try and get the crowd to come closer during their set but those efforts fell flat as the crowd remained subdued and quite reluctant to give them the energy to spur them on during their set.

As Travis is a Tourist departed the stage, A Bad Cavalier took to the stage ready to belt out their own set with great effects on the guitars to an ever growing audience. With songs like I Miss My Mind and An Eye For An Eye, which they dedicated to someone in the audience, you would’ve thought people would get up to the front and start to get involved. But they still continued to be subdued and motionless except for the standard applause after every song.

It was noted by A Bad Cavalier’s frontman Niall Kennedy that it was the bands sixth live show that they’ve performed together and collectively they put on a great show.

Finally the main act everyone had been waiting for were about to grace the stage.

There was a slight buzz about the place just before More than Conquerors opened up with Pits of Old, but the crowd were still not ready to break a sweat. As More Than Conquerors pushed on through with their set of old songs like Go On, Go On, Get Out and new song Human Nature,  they tried so hard to get the crowd jumping but to no avail.

It took frontman Kris Platt to jump into the crowd during their performance of Bear Knuckle Fight to get people moving and moshing for a bit before launching into a superb sounding Diamonds Over Glory acoustically to start with, on a make shift stage in the middle of the Limelight then finishing the show with the song Red.

Overall the showmanship and technical ability playing on the night was great and personally it’s great to see local talent do superbly in front of a good crowd. However the crowd really let all the bands down as they played fantastic sets and flawlessly through track after track. Matt Halliday,

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