25 Oct, Sunday
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REVIEW: R51 – Pillow Talk

wpid-fb_img_1426241080494.jpgAs suggested by the title, Pillow Talk, right from the gorgeous surrealist album artwork, to the Celtic siren song on the last track this is a sexy record. Title track, Pillow Talk, as it should, illustrates this perfectly. The melody luxuriates in the haunting guitar riffs.

Vocally a special blend of ball-buster as in the track Modern Age, with its feisty-take-no-shit delivery; to the absolutely gorgeous final track, Seaweed, which truly does evoke images of mermaids on the rocks luring their sailors, with a voice that cannot be denied.

I Hate that Too, reminds you that R51 can rock in this post-apocolyptic ride of a song. It’s hard and it’s fast…you get the allusion. Like I said, it’s a sexy record. Noelle Ellis,

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